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Sleep Troubles? Here's something to try.


If you've been through trials and tribulations in life, trouble sleeping may be something you are all too familiar with. It's a common side effect of anxiety, depression, PTSD, you name it. If you find your thoughts unable to shut down, you're too anxious to sleep, or your mind just won't settle down, here's something to try.


A backstory, first. A few months ago, I went through a particularly stressful period and found myself wide awake at night, ruminating. My mind wouldn't settle and bed time seemed like the perfect time to stress out. I was having trouble sleeping and the less I slept, the worse my situation felt in the morning. 


Someone suggested hypnosis to me. I thought they were crazy. I always looked at Hypnosis as "woo" or completely mental voodoo. Even as a therapist, I thought it was, well, bullshit. To me, hypnosis was worthy of an eye roll. 


Then, a therapist and mentor that I highly respect told me he was trained in hypnosis and I had to re-evaluate my opinion for a minute. This therapist is not a quack. He's an intelligent and effective therapist who's also really down to earth. After a brief wrestling with my own mind, I decided it was worth trying to find out for myself just how crazy hypnosis may or may not be.


I decided to try it out at night when I couldn't sleep. I wasn't sleeping anyway so I might as well try, right? I didn't have anything to lose. I tried one for deep sleep...


Well, I didn't get all the way through it because I fell asleep.


Beautiful, Glorious, sleep. Finally.


I tried again the next night as my thoughts decided to spin all the stress I had to worry about. Didn't make it through the end of the hypnotic session because I fell asleep. Again. 


I can't tell you when, and I know it should have been obvious, but at some point I realized that the hypnosis was actually helping me sleep. My mind was otherwise occupied on something that was relaxing me and before I knew it, I was asleep. Deeply relaxed and asleep. My stress related dreams seemed fewer too and sleep felt more and more restful. 


I found hypnosis recordings on Youtube. I've tried a few that I didn't like (a few that reminded me too much of wacky, weird, strange stuff) and just stopped using those. But there are a lot of really good ones. Ones that help with lowering anxiety, calming stress, aiding in deep sleep. You name it.


It worked for me. I've recommended it to others who have had trouble sleeping. Many of them have found it's helpful as well.


So the next time you find yourself spinning thoughts instead of sleeping, go to youtube and search for hypnosis for deep sleep. I would LOVE to hear your experience so leave a comment below.


And as always, if you have any questions, concerns, or want to reach out to me, please do. You know where to find me ;)



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