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App Review: PTSD Coach


I found this app, put out by the Veteran's Administration and I was so excited about it that here it is 11 pm and I had to post about it. What a great idea for an app and good news: It's a FREE app! Gotta love free. It's called PTSD Coach and you can find it online here.


This app does several really awesome things. First, it gives you some information on what it's like to have PTSD and information about trauma and it's many symptoms. There is a ton of information. It's good stuff too. There are even sections on how PTSD effects couples and families and what resources are helpful. Even if you just use the app for the educational info, it's worth your time. There's a section on resources and emergency resources that are helpful if your trauma symptoms turn into crisis.


It gets better though. The app has an assessment that you can take to track your symptoms. Keep in mind, this app WILL NOT diagnose you with PTSD, only a professional can tell you if that fits. What it can do is list out how people often experience PTSD and have you track how often you have experienced those within the last month. At the end, it can tell you how much these symptoms seem to be effecting you. Pretty nifty.


Then, the best part. This app breaks down tools to use by symptoms. So, say you are having trouble sleeping. You click on the tap for that symptom and it gives you resources to try. You can rate whether that resource was one that you want to use or not so that you can hand pick an arsenal of resources that help you through any of the symptoms you face. There are guided mindfulness exercises like body scans or positive imagery, ideas for distraction techniques, a place to store meaningful pictures that calm you, and inspirational quotes about being a survivor, healing, etc...


The VA seems to have developed this app for their men and women with combat trauma but it is useful for anyone who's experienced any kind of trauma. They are really good about reminding you that the use of this app is just to help you manage symptoms and encourages you to be engaged in therapy. It's a great tool!


I would LOVE if my readers check this app out and tell me what you think. I can see it being highly useful for managing stress and trauma symptoms that come up in between therapy sessions. 


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