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Moving On

February 14, 2017

This was written about a painful past relationship. So many of us can relate to giving love and care for someone who abuses us.


The clock tells all
Time to move on
And breathe easy for a while
Ready for Sunday
The dawn of the summer sun
Your face dies with winter
And my heart is rebirthed in spring
Time is hard to hold on to.

Your voice still echoes off the canyons
Hidden deep within the desert
Your words are dried up
Your heart draws blood from it’s thorns
Sucks my body dry
I waited for your fairy tale
But a girl can only sleep for so long.

I’ll find my own way from thirst
I’ll pick out your thorns
And wipe away the blood
And as I face the sun
I’ll take my chances wandering the desert
To leave you in winter’s clutch.
I’ll head into summer
And I’ll leave you lost behind spring
Still promising storybooks
With happy endings.

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