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Harry Potter

January 20, 2017

I'm a Harry Potter nerd. It's true. I'm not ashamed to admit it either...well, maybe a little ;).


I've been thinking about Albus Dumbledore and some of the amazing things he said throughout the series and how it applies to living in the real world. Right about now you're probably thinking I'm a little bonkers but hear me out.


I came across this one quote that has me really thinking. In the Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore says to Harry, "Numbing the pain for a while will only make it worse when you finally feel it." Seriously, the man is a genius.


That led me to thinking about all the ways that we run from our experiences. We run from anxiety, hide from depression, block out the nightmares and flashbacks. We veg out on netflix, drink too much, hide in a video game. These ways of "numbing out" speak to how hard it is to confront our pain or our past. It feels so much easier in the moment to just run. To hide.


And in doing so, we attempt to put off the pain for another day. Yet, when that day comes, the pain has intensified and confronting it is even scarier. The longer we run, the bigger and more overwhelming our demons become. Then we live with anxiety, insomnia, headaches, unexplained aches and pains. We may never even connect how these physical miseries are tied to the things we are running from.


The longer we run, the scarier it feels to face the things that haunt us. We can choose to stop running. We can choose to shine the light on our demons and confront them. The thought may seem terrifying but wouldn't it be worth it if you knew that turning on that light and confronting that pain head on could deal with it once and for all?


If you had someone walking it with you. Someone who knew how to help you through it, giving you strength when it feels like it's just too much. If you had that with you, do you think you could do it? I'll be that person that walks with you, sits with you, and faces it with you. It will take bravery, courage...but you won't be alone. Ready to try? Let's do this!



"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." Albus Dumbledore




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