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The Worst Part

January 13, 2017

This poem is written about someone that I trusted who hurt me and the nuances of how it effected me mentally and emotionally. Even though it ends on a defeated note, just the act of writing it has helped me begin to conquer it. I'm a #survivor




The Worst Part


I trusted the promises that you made

Thought your sentiments were sincere

With the smiles that you gave

I thought you offered friendship, care

That you'd give a shit what happened to me

And that you'd be there


But oh, I was so wrong.


And the worst part isn't you lying

It's not that you hurt me

Or faulted me for crying


It wasn't how you treated me

Or cheated me


It's that somehow you made me feel

like my perspective was absurd and unreal

You made it out that I was so flawed

And somehow made me believe

That I was the fraud.


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