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After a trauma like domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, or combat, people may have a difficult time making sense of what happened and may have upsetting memories and thoughts about the event.  They may feel “stuck” and unable to move forward even a long time after the event is over.


Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) is a treatment that has been shown to work for people with PTSD symptoms by giving them a new way to handle these problems.  In CPT, your therapist will work with you to help you process what happened and get you “unstuck.”  


CPT covers several topics:


  • Learning about your PTSD symptoms

  • Thinking about the meaning of the traumatic event

  • Identifying thoughts and feelings

  • Learning skills to deal with unpleasant thoughts and feelings

  • Trust issues

  • Safety issues

  • Issues of power and control

  • Esteem issues

  • Intimacy issues



CPT is a short-term treatment that involves weekly appointments with your therapist plus take-home practice assignments.

CPT Therapy Charlotte

The Basics